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Raven 8-month-old female



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This young lady needs a foster immediately! She had a foster lined up, but it was discovered that she does not care for cats and the family had a senior cat. So Miss Raven is back in boarding where she is not doing well. She likes to be around people and can be crated as long as they are not gone for long periods of time. Leaving the television on does help as she likes to hear talking voices. She has been slowly introduced to new dogs without any problems and she absolutely loves to play with squeaky toys and to have her belly rubbed. 

Raven was found along with her parents and 5 siblings chained to trees in a rural part of Baldwin County, AL a few months ago. The dogs all looked to have been used for bait at some point as they bore evidence of old and new scars on their faces and legs and were very malnourished. All of the dogs have since been medically cleared to be put up for adoption and that’s where you come in.  


The local shelters are no place for a pet to find themselves in. The constant noise is enough to make a cat or dog shutdown and withdraw into its kennel. The shelters won’t invest the time to work with the animal to gain its trust and will euthanize the pet to make room for the next stray coming in the door. All of the dogs listed are in the Gulf Coast region of Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. If you are interested in fostering whether short-term (few days to a few weeks) or longer (dogs who come into the rescues with medical issues e.g. broken bones, mange, burns, malnourished, etc. require longer time in foster care before being healthy enough to be adopted out), please contact the rescues and they can let you know which dogs will suit your home best.

The FosterMe Application link goes directly to the rescue that has that particular dog. Our goal is to partner with several local rescues in the Gulf Coast/Florida Panhandle region to assist as many dogs and cats as we can to be placed in foster homes. Once the application is submitted, a volunteer from the rescue will contact you about your application and talk to you about how you can help. While in foster care, the rescue will coordinate all veterinary care for the foster and keep you updated as to when the animal needs to be brought to the vet. The rescues hold local adoption events that the animals are brought to so the public can interact and connect with your foster. If you are unable to bring your foster to events, please let the rescue know so pick up and drop off arrangements can be made with the help of other volunteers. Animals that attend adoption events are more likely to be adopted than those that are not brought to them.

Some rescues will provide kennels for their foster homes to be used while they are actively fostering for them. Kennels provide a safe space for the dog while they are getting used to their new surroundings and learning what the rules are. It is always suggested to feed the dogs separately until you know for sure there are no resource guarding issues. The rescues are run by volunteers and are foster-based so they rely on the community to open their hearts and their homes to give the homeless pets in our area a temporary place to live while permanent homes are found for them.


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