Senior dogs need homes too.

When many people think of bringing a new dog into their homes they usually think about a puppy. Now, don’t get me wrong I love puppy breath just as much as the next person, but have you ever thought about an older dog? Older adult dogs find themselves dumped at shelters all over for a variety of reasons, but if you read just a few rehoming pet sites you’ll see a trend. New puppy, having a baby (you had 8 months to find a home for the dog and you just now decide you can’t make time), moving and can’t take the old girl with you, etc. Sadly, the list goes on and on.

When a frosted face shows up at a shelter it is heartbreaking to see. You see the fear and confusion in their eyes and they try as hard as they can to make themselves as small as possible in the back corner of their concrete kennel. Hoping and praying that nothing bad happens to them since they were just left by the only person they have known.

Ok, that’s the super sad part, but here is where it gets better for him or her. Once a rescue has a foster or adopter interested in the opening their home and heart to the dog, the next step is for the rescue to contact the shelter and let them know they want to pull the dog. Depending on the situation either the approved foster/adopter may pick the ol’ Frosty Face from the shelter and take it home or a volunteer transporter with the rescue may. The rescue will want to get the dog to their vet as soon as they can for a full medical checkup and shots. Depending on how old the dog is they may not be medically cleared to be spayed or neutered.

Senior dogs are house-broken, won’t chew on your favorite table legs (my coffee table legs still have puppy teeth marks on them) or rip apart your bunny slippers. Members of the Frosted Face age group just want to find the perfect sunny spot on your living room floor and comfortably nap all day. Sounds like the perfect dog, huh? They may already know how to properly walk on a leash and a few obedience commands. I met an older dog at the shelter who knew several commands and loved to show them off for a treat, of course!

Princessa is an older girl looking for a home. This sweet girl found herself at the Miami-Dade Animal Services shelter back on January 12, 2018. Here we are 4 months later and a rescue 10 hours away on the opposite side of the state and in a different time zone heard about her from a Facebook post and has taken her in. Another life saved. She has a temporary foster, but just for a week or so until they can find another foster who can take her for a bit longer. The shelter listed her as a Labrador Retriever mix, but what do you think?

Princessa is a senior girl, 8 or 9 years of age, but with the heart of a younger dog. She was rescued from the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter. Can you FosterMe?

If you can open your home to Princessa, please fill out the application so the rescue can contact you about her. Can you FosterMe?

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