Today’s save.

Update: Mattie’s foster adopted him. 🙂

Farmer was going “to put a bullet thru his head” today. A Good Samaritan saved him and took him to the vet where a rescue was contacted. Mattie (short for Matthew) is only 12 months old. He has Demodex mange and pustules on his face. Mattie is having medicated baths and is on a course of antibiotics. If a foster cannot be found, he will have to stay in boarding. An experienced foster is needed who can keep up with his medicated baths and any medications he will be sent home with after he is released from the hospital.

How can anyone want “to put a bullet thru” the head of any animal let alone a 12-month-old puppy who has been in pain for quite some time? Laziness? Hate? We don’t know, but we are grateful that someone cared enough to step in and save Mattie’s life. The Samaritan paid for initial medical treatment but is not able to take him home or continue his care. The rescue was contacted and they immediately took responsibility for Mattie’s care and comfort.

Mattie has paws that are a little on the larger size so the vet thinks he is a larger breed dog, but until his skin clears up it is hard to tell exactly what breed or color he is. No matter what breed he may be, we see a beautiful soul underneath the mange, scars, and scabs. The volunteer who met him says he has a very sweet disposition and seems relieved to finally start on the path to feeling better. I’m sure his first medicated bath felt like heaven with no more itching and scratching.

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